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New Sets

New Sets

Playmobil - LADLH-35 - Noble of the court

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Playmobil - LADLH-44 - Cowboy

Playmobil - LADLH-41 - King

Playmobil - LADLH-15 - Viking

Playmobil - LADLH-37 - Corsair

Playmobil - LADLH-14 - Viking

Playmobil - LADLH-09 - Gladiator

Latest Reviews

Playmobil - Better than the new one

This figure is better than the new one (5394). Fantastic figure with lots of details!
Playmobil - Wonderful Toy

My children love to play with the Take Along Zoo & Aquarium. I bought it for my youngest when he was 18 months and he had a great time playing with animals and the people. When opened, the two pieces do not lock together but we haven't had any issues with them coming apart during play. The tree is a bit difficult to set up for the younger ones (including my 5 year old daughter). The water streaming from the tree doesn't quite go into the pool as advertised... it spreads all over the place. Nonetheless this is a favourite at our house.
Playmobil - Carro con Buey

Estupenda referencia para recrear escenarios de vida rural.
Playmobil - Mini Escenario Piratil.

Bonito mini escenario de juego que podría haber quedado genial si se lo hubieran tomado un poco más en serio en vez de usarlo como vehículo para vender piezas.