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Playmobil 5480 - Secret Dragon Fort

Playmobil - 5480 - Secret Dragon Fort

Secret Dragon Fort
Fortaleza Secreta del Dragón
Geheime Drachenfestung
Citadelle secrète du Dragon
Theme: (70 sets)
Format: (5707 sets)
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Discontinued: (n/a)
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Figures: 2 Instruction Manual

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English Notes
Defend the kingdom with the Secret Dragon Fort. With two blue dragons, this fort is well-protected against enemies. The hinging gate makes it almost impossible to break into this fort, while the turreted crossbow with flaming arrows tilts and rotates for the perfect aim. Use the trapdoor to move secretly throughout the fort. The precious dragon fire illuminates blue (batteries not included). Set includes two figures, helmets, shields, and assorted battle gear, torches, flags, and other accessories. This set can be upgraded with the PLAYMOBIL Great Asian Castle (#5479). "with 2 dragons, blue dragon fire (requires 1 x 1.5 V micro-battery) and trapdoor. With the rotating and tilting fire cannon attacks can be repelled from the air. Compatible with 5479 Great Dragon Castle Asia. Dimensions: 35 x 38 x 46 cm (LxWxH). - That the Chain can not be opened only from the outside but also from inside by a lever - Auto power-off of the Dragon Fire: 90 sec ( electronics can also be interrupted at any time previously ) - A flickering light makes the ball glow blue frosted and radiates simultaneously to the dragon sculpture from below. This can also be seen in the red eyes of the sculpture flicker - The new mini- dragon legs , the upper jaw and the wings can be moved - The greater dragon is identical to the dragon from the dragon bags - The hands of the dragon correspond to the dimensions of the PLAYMOBIL figures , so the dragon can be equipped with all the figures, accessories (eg swords / shields ) - Can be connected to the wrists and shoulders of the Dragon fasten cuffs or Armaufsätze of PLAYMOBIL figures - The armor of the Dragon (helmet, leg cuffs and tail tank ) can be removed and replaced with dragon armor from the dragon bags Combined with other items - The Secret Dragon Fortress can be connected to the low wall projections with the large Asian Dragon Castle (Art. 5479 ) to a unit - The giant dragon fight (Art. 5482 ) can be hung with the claws on the castle walls"
Notas Español

con 2 dragones. Compatible con el Gran Castillo del Dragón Asiático (5479). Dimensiones: 35 x 38 x 46 cm (LxPxA).
La media de tiempo de montaje es de aproximadamente 45 minutos.


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