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In 2007 an idea was born, perhaps too pretentious for its time. Today, that collaborative tool is already finished. Klickypedia is the place in which the international community can create the Playmobil library of your dreams. Explore it!, we can assure you there will be a before and after in your life 🙂



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Playmobil - Durero autorretrato

personaje con caballete y autorretrato
Playmobil - 1744v1-pla – Nurse

I am happy that i have this figure.
Playmobil - To Boldly Go…

The set is huge and so is the price tag. Is it worth it? I waited and got mine on sale for 325.00 plus free shipping ala Amazon. I love the ship, I think any Star Trek fan would. Its huge, almost like a studio scale model. I think the characters included are great and I know a 4 pack of figures is coming (wish they would have had Mr. Scott, oh the number of redshirts would be amazing) Its very large, I would recommend someplace away for grabby hands. Its design is amazing. The underside of the saucer is where you see the deformity of the design to accommodate the bridge. The secondary hull hides a much smaller area but still looks scaled to the ship itself. Its a fun feature, but feels cramped and I get it. Its a 8.5to9 /10, Playmobile really swung for the fences and I believe they made it, but the price point is staggering. The great part is this opens up for a wide variety of classic characters(the Gorn, Charlie, various crewman Yeoman Rand, Nurse Chapel, Dr M'benga, Capt Pike as well as potential for sets like Sickbay, Transporter Room and Galileo Shuttlecraft. It is obvious they went for the core TOS fanbase, but I am curious if this license will extend into the movies and it appears it does with the Bird Of Prey with Kirk and Spock in different movie clothes (Spock in dark Vulcan robes from TMP and Kirk in casual Admiral Jacket and pants) I would make the logical conclusion that we might eventually see our favorite crew in the red tunics.

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