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Playmobil - 71550-kor - Sejong the Great.

Korea's Official Source of Playmobil IQ Box selected King Sejong as the first figure for Korea to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Playmobil in 2024. King Sejong is one of the most loved and respected people in Korea I even put my name on bills, roads, cultural facilities, and cities. In 1443, he made a great achievement as the creator of Hunminjeongeum, which is clearly the most brilliant achievement of King Sejong's cultural heritage and the greatest heritage of our people. special point1. It is the first Korean figure in Playmobile. special point2. PlayMobil has never expressed its brand name in another country's language. In this King Sejong figure, the brand name is written in Korean for the first time in Playmobile, adding to its speciality.

Included in Playmobil-Magazin Adventure 2/2024 (Heft 2).


Playmobil - El DeLorean, uno de los coches más emblemáticos en Playmobil.

Valoro uno de los coches más emblemáticos de las películas en Playmobil
Playmobil - Ein Guter Treffer

Gerade wegen dem Gewehr mal eine Abwechslung bei den Polizei Figuren. Und eine passende Ergänzung zum 70588 SEK-Polizei mit Hund.
Playmobil - Feuerwehrmann in Action

Eine Figur mit viel Spiel Zeit. Und eine passende Ergänzung z. b. zum 6586 Feuerwehrtrupp B.