Klickypedia, the definitive Playmobil pedia…

…but never without your participation 🙂

You could say that Klickypedia is the tool, available toPlaymobil fans, to get what we always wanted:

  • a place where we have access to a complete information of all released sets and organized as you’ve never seen before
  • a web space where you can read and write reviews for your favorite references
  • and, of course, learn (and teach) through the ‘wiki’ articles that will make a huge Playmobil knowledge base

Manage your collection

Besides, who has not used a thousand and one ways to have organized your collection? The Klickypedia do it for you, managing multiple lists, public or just for your eyes, in a very comfortable way and where you can expose and rate not only what you collect, but also your wishlist and what you would like to trade. Yes!, it also allows you to exchange with peers.

For the Playmobil community, by the Playmobil community

This is a very brief overview of what you’ll find in this macroportal. But best of all, it is a space BY and FOR the community. With your collaboration and the help of other fans, we will complete all the information you could miss to make Klickypedia the definitive Playmobil encyclopedia 🙂

Any doubts?, I would be eager to know everything that gives me the Klickypedia

I know, I know, there are a lot of information in just a few short paragraphs, so you have doubts about what really gives you the Kliclypedia and how you could use it. But here’s a great question and answer section to fix that

Oh, I almost forgot it. The Playmobil community is so extensive that to stay connected and we can all benefit from it can provide, the Klickypedia had to be translated into at least 4 languages, ​​covering the vast majority of fans.


Discover it, share, teach and learn, but most of all enjoy!