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Playmobil Review: A Collector is Born

Playmobil - A Collector is Born

3315s2 - Black Knight

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I used to have many playmobil as a child, but as I became a teenager, I left them behind as a memory and my younger brother threw them away. I got married and one day as I was in the Super Market with my wife, while walking through the game’s section I came across the ritterbrudder knight, or black knight as playobil calls him and I bought him immediately. Then I thought well why I don’t start a collection for my baby boy. The rest is history.

The knight himself is a very well build miniature which brings the best from it’s parts. The black horned helmet with the short front, the black dragon winged arm guards, the black horse with the axe logo, all add up to the evil aura that surrounds this vilain. He even comes with the choice of two weapons. A silver double axe and a silver holed sword. You can either use him alone as a visiting vilain in your castle campaign, or use his as one of the famous double axe mercenary company. My only complain is that I would like him to be accompanied with a black lance. Even today I cannot decide if I like him better with gun metal weapons (same colour as his armour) or with the default silver ones!

Review overview
Component quality - 10
Suitable components for theme / historical epoch - 10
Originality - 10
Meets expectations - 10
Content / Price ratio - 10


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