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Playmobil 71191 - Ferme pédagogique

Playmobil - 71191 - Ferme pédagogique

Petting Zoo
Ferme pédagogique
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English Notes
With the variable zoo elements, the Petting Zoo can be laid out as desired. Includes viewing platform and functioning animal food dispenser. In the PLAYMOBIL petting zoo, little animal lovers can get up close with their favourite animals. First, visitors buy food from the animal food dispenser, then it's off to the enclosure to feed and pet the animals. The goats and sheep are already happy and jump around excitedly. Of course, the turtles and rabbits are not forgotten. A lovingly designed playset for children who love animals. The set includes three PLAYMOBIL figures, a goat with kid, a sheep with lamb, two rabbits with babies, a tortoise, a food dispenser, eight feed bags and many other great extras. The food dispenser is functional and can always be refilled with animal food. The playset is ideal for expanding the large adventure zoo (71190).

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