Playmobil - Different versions and revisions of the same set


QUESTION: How can reflect different versions of the same set?. Why sometimes the same reference number shows different sets? ANSWER: You can read the nomenclature used...

Playmobil - How do I write a Set Review?


QUESTION: I read existing reviews, but how can I write a new one? In any case is it a subjective section of personal opinion? Can...

Playmobil - I was wrong in the username, how can I change it?


QUESTION: I was wrong in a letter when I registered and I can not change my username. How can I change it? ANSWER: In this case,...

Playmobil - What are the maximum dimensions allowed for my avatar?


ANSWER: The maximum size for profile picture (avatar) is 150 × 150 pixels

Playmobil - Errors detection


QUESTION: How are reported errors and bugs? ANSWER: If you detect an error in any set, you can correct it yourself. If you see it repeats in many references...

Playmobil - Sets Nomenclature


Reference number of a Set is a required field that defines and distinguishes each. Both to create and edit a Set, you should use the...

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