Klickypedia, the definitive Playmobil library

Klickypedia, the definitive Playmobil library


Klickypedia, a database of Playmobil sets

Klickypedia-set-englishSince 2007 I had in mind a huge project, perhaps too pretentious for its time. Today, after years of planning and more than a year of hard work, that collaborative tool for fans where we can publish and edit content ourselves, is already finished.

Klickypedia is the place in which the international community (translated into 4 languages) can create the Playmobil library of our dreams. I am extremely happy to create a website where fans around the world can participate to extend our passion for Playmobil.

This tool, for which there are already in mind new features for future versions, provides much more than meets the eye and it is based on 4 pillars as shown on the homepage:

They’re here, all Playmobil sets organized and cataloged like you always wanted; by release year, themes, tags, promotional,…
And the search engine of our dreams

Write a review of your favorite sets and in your language. Rate, write and advice on any reference you choose.

**Wiki Articles**
Any self-respecting encyclopedia becomes large through knowledge, and that is the purpose of this place: Playmo-Knowledge
The perfect place to teach and Learn. 😉

**My Collection and Trades**
Have you always wanted to organize your collection? Now, with a simple click you will have any Set in its place (my collection or my wishlist), even for trading (my trade list)!
You can include lot of information of your favorite Sets 🙂
In some countries it’s been a great success and I would like to present it in other countries, but first it is important putting the Klickypedia at your disposal for any questions or suggestions you may have.

Thank you for your attention. I hope that so many years of enthusiasm and these last months of complete dedication will be appreciated by the world community of fans and of course also by Playmobil 😉


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