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Playmobil Review: A very lovely house

Playmobil - A very lovely house

3423v1 - Sheriff's Office

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One of my all time favourites. I still have this house since I was a kid. I just recently started to check if all parts where still there. I only missed one chair. Both the prison bar and the rocking chair had a broken part (both of which I could fix as the broken parts where still around!). Unfortunately (as with many of the western houses) one of the hinges on the back side was broken. The plastic is kind of brittle. I only found out when working with my current company, that the parts where made with a special injection molding technique, called structural foam molding. For this, a special chemical is used. It explains the wood-like structure in the parts. I guess this was a welcome anomaly, as it gives the house a much nicer look than with standard injection molding (which is much more ‘clean’). The house has this very friendly, cosy look. Well done by the people from Playmobil.

Review overview
Component quality - 7
Suitable components for theme / historical epoch - 10
Originality - 10
Meets expectations - 9.5
Content / Price ratio - 9


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