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Playmobil Review: Nice boat with extras

Playmobil - Nice boat with extras

3570-ger - pirate / rowboat

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A nice small rowing boat and a chest filled with silver, that is what this set is about. At the time, I didn’t know what the pole was which this pirate was carrying.

It may sound strange, but I had more fun playing with this small item than with the big pirate ship (which my father eventually sold as I did not play with it. He already suspected that I wouldn’t, before giving it as a birthday present). I remember from the big boat that it was annoying that the cannons where not below deck, as they should have been given the pictures I saw in books. I wanted to make holes in the hull to get the cannons below deck. My dad obviously said no to this idea.

Anyway, I liked this set very much. The strange thing is, I have a brown boat. I remember being happy about that as boats should not be yellow (in my child’s opinion). I am not sure if I have the blue hat correct. Also I painted the lamp myself (I’ll try to clean it up).

Review overview
Component quality - 8
Suitable components for theme / historical epoch - 10
Originality - 9
Meets expectations - 9
Content / Price ratio - 9


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