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New Idea. Hierarchical tags!

With more narrow , specific tags being a subset of the broader tag. Ideally I think tici should be only 3 levels to not spam too many tags. So that with 3 tags we could find: different versions of the vehicle or different vehicles with the same function and related vehicles.
For example the biplane tags lets a users easily find other versions of the biplane even with different names or themes (airport, safari, etc) a biplane is a airplane, so an airplane tag would help find other similar vehicles like the more modern small airplane, finally an aircraft tag would help find more different vehicles that still has a similar function like helicopters.
So we will have something like:

  1. broad category tag
    1. narrow category tag
      1. specific form or function tag

One of the problem it that tags ideally should be 1 word and short. But should not be too cryptic to a new user that does not know the nomenclature. For example “semi-trailer truck” is not a very good tag. The use of the hierarchical tags together. if the “semi-trailer” tag is always accompanied by the “truck” tag (as it should be as semi-trailers are a subset of trucks) we could convey the meaning with just “semi-trailer” instead of “semi-trailer truck” On the other hand. With the tag system as it is now tags are universal… so we can’t have just “wagon” and “train” tag as horse wagons and hand wagons should have tags too.
Other problem is the need for names for things. For example the “biplane” tag is very good now because playmobil has only one model of biplane (in different colors but same form, same plastic mold) but for cars it is very difficult. Tici are a big variety of plamobil cars. They need short name tags for each type.

Big List of examples:

  1. vehicles (I personally find this tag too broad. Has already too many sets and many more fit its name. I think it should be removed.)
    1. road vehicle (broad category tag) 
      1. trucks
      2. civil engeenering
      3. farm
      4. forest
      5. police
      6. ambulances
      7. firemen
      8. vans
      9. bus
      10. camping cars
      11. caravans
      12. 1900 vehicles
      13. modern cars
      14. 4×4
      15. race vehicles
      16. motorbikes
    2. aircraft
      1. biplanes
      2. taildragger
      3. tricyclegear
      4. jets
      5. seaplanes
      6. helicopters
    3. boats 
      1. sailboats
      2. rowboats
      3. fishing
      4. patrol
      5. sport
      6. liners
      7. cargos
      8. submarines
    4. trains
      1. locomotive
        1. diesel 
        2. RCE
      2. coach
        1. panorama
      3. train wagon
        1. boxcar
        2. flatcar
        3. gondola
        4. hopper
        5. tanker
        6. tipper
      4. caboose
      5. work train
    5. other (not a tag! just for example)
      1. minecart
      2. ox-cart
      3. ox-wagon
      4. horse cart
      5. horse wagon



  1. Hello everyone , I think that ZeroA4 has an efficient view of the importance of tags : it’s difficult to be sure that one set you want to add , don’t exist in other theme of your research … One example : 1903 sch / Police Rescue Special Deluxe Set , if you search ” CAR ” , 1903 don’t appear because CAR isn’t in the title or in the tags !
    (I did a mistake creating the set 2004 sch , which already existed , for the same reason …)

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