Klickypedia Features

Klickypedia Features


Although the KlickyPedia project idea was born in 2007, it was not until 2014 when it officially started facing the community Playmobil fans.

After lot of  contacts with collectors of all kinds for months, we -collectors too 🙂 – have developed a number of features that make this tool something innovative and unique in the world of Playmobil.
Know them, enjoy them and suggest any other you would like to see implemented 😉

  • Free and collaborative tool for creating and editing Sets where the whole community can complete a huge Playmobil database.
  • Available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, German and French. Connect with the international community!
  • Create your own Reviews of your favorite Sets. You can rate its salient features too.
  • Playmobil Encyclopedia including any concept, tutorial or useful term for fans across the Wiki articles you also can write and complete.
  • Organization and cataloging Playmobil using themes, export markets, exclusive sets, released / discontinued year, tags and more.
  • Complete Sets terminology so that, at a glance, you know the country of origin or if it is a version or revision of the original reference.
  • Advanced Search breathtaking possibilities to filter almost any feature, including strings like 5xxx or 39xx (and, as such, with the ‘x’ as wildcards).
  • Manage your collection with a simple mouse click.
  • Add the Sets you’re looking for to your wishlist.
  • Send to family and friends, who are not registered in Klickypedia, a link sharing your wishlist. What better way to suggest a ‘surprise’? 🙂
  • Create a tradelist that you can use to propose changes with other users.
  • Make each of your lists public, private or just for friends; and see who has what. 😉
  • Create personal tags for your Sets; so you can arrange them according to your criteria, know where you ‘hidden’ your sets, assign a tag to those ones that you used for your dioramas or what you’ve borrowed. These are some examples of use, of course.
  • Add to each Set individually the state in which you have (if the box is in good condition, incomplete, …), when purchased, cost and more interesting information.
  • Earn KlickyCoins for your activity in the Klickypedia. With this virtual currency you can buy badges, medals and countless details to decorate your profile. (Available soon)
  • Map User Location where you can meet if you have a classmate close to organize meetings or save postage in trades.
  • Detailed breakdown of recent activity in Klickypedia so you do not miss any update.


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